Small Business and Project Management Graduation

​Small Business and Project Management Graduation

Small Business and Project Management Graduation

Last year (2020) I decided to study small business and project management. I did this as I was getting really busy with my business that some of the things that I needed to know or learn were getting left behind as I was concentration on getting the work done.

I decided to enrol and do the course through Te Wananga Aotearoa as it was close and I had heard through others that the course was really good.

As we were about to start the course Covid interrupted things and the challenge of studying in 2020 began. We were in class, then online, changed buildings, students health and mental health took a hit and because of every area of the world being affected at different times out course ended up being done out of order as resources and papers got delivered out of order. It was a real challenge to keep up and stay motivated but I pushed through and got it done.

I learnt a lot and learnt everything I wanted to know and more. I appreciate our teacher Tracee Haley for the knowledge she gave everyone and she helped us push through as well. This graduation was very gratifying for the fact we made it through the challenge of Covid and study and it was an honour to celebrate with other students.

Onwards and upwards from here.


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