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I have a new website and it is now live at

I spent the christmas holidays of 2022 making a new and improved website / online store for my business. There wasen't anything wrong with the first one I had but that one was just to get me a online presence and have website in place.

At the start of the holidays I decided to invest some time into making a website that was more my style and put things in place to make things easier on me this year. Since I have now been in business for some time I have found out some of the information my clients were trying to look for, taking notes of questions I would get asked and narrowing down my services and products.

I started fresh making an entirely new website that is abit more my style, more graphics and has some movement. I started by spending a whole day on photography and video content setting up a space to take my own photography, product photos and photos for my services.

From there it was just planning the navigation and getting the right information up for my clients and customers to view. I have put all information up that I felt was important for everyone to see and view when it comes to my work, giving people are chance to really see what I do.

I am very happy with my new website and am looking forward to being able to make and design more websites. This is something I want to push for this year so if you have questions or may know someone whe needs a new site or online store then contact me.

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